END OF TIME. Tony Burrell. Divine Mountain Music.

Guitarist Tony Burrell has been playing music for nearly four decades. And during that time, he’s become a premiere player -- this quintessential "session man" whose work brims with a delicate precision: "All of creation is vibration," says Burrell. " Sound is vibration [and] I play with tonal qualities that reach everyone's heart." End of Time, a five song sampler recently released by Burrell, shines a big light on this vision, revealing one of the best kept musical secrets in all of California. More than anything, Burrell’s work demonstrates great range, his playing this crisp fusion of Coltrane-inspired jazz and straight ahead rock and roll. When I initially played Burrell’s sampler I heard the sweet mix of the late Michael Bloomfield’s style merging into the acidic rhythms of former Door’s guitarist Robby Krieger - an evolving sound caught half way between the old time wail of the blues and down and dirty grunge rock. "Late For Work" is the standout on the CD -- a piece perfectly suited for the dance floor or as background for a motion picture. This sampler only makes us more eager for a full-length record.

By John Aiello, The Electric Review. All rights reserved.